The Car in 2035: Mobility Planning for the Near Future is a visual and engaging exploration of the challenges created by the uneven pace of changes in the design and technology of vehicles versus the evolution of Southern California’s land use, social, regulatory and infrastructural context. The authors are a diverse cross-disciplinary team of experts in design, art, planning, policy, engineering, architecture, sustainability, urban planning, transportation planning, and the automotive industry. The mixture of our approaches has created an opportunity for exposing dimensions of the future of mobility that normally get lost in the gaps between areas of expertise.

Before the founding of the consulting firm Civic Projects Inc., the 501c)3 non-profit Civic Projects Org. published this book with major support from the Art Center College of Design, as well as support from the Auto Club of Southern California and The Planning Center. The distributor is ActarD.  

A multifaceted book on the future of mobility in Southern California focusing on the car, the street, and public policy.

The Civic Projects Foundation published these lively essays and images from diverse contributors about the future of the car, the street, and public policy in Southern California.


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