Civic Projects' role is to identify locations in the County that would benefit from the new demand-responsive service, identify use cases and trip types, popular origin and destination pairs, potential transfer points within Metro’s service area, and design use-case scenarios based on customer priorities.

Civic Projects is assisting Microtransit provider RideCo in designing an on-demand mobility service in Los Angeles County for client LA Metro. The project goal is to replace local solo car trips with a shared ride option that complements Metro’s existing fixed route mass transit system. The technologically enabled-service will allow Metro to expand mobility options and improve customer service for existing Metro riders, as well as reach infrequent or non-riders and areas of LA County that are underserved by transit. Benefits to Metro customers include demand-responsive pick-up and drop-off, managed and reduced overall wait times, reduced in-vehicle time, dynamically routed trips, reduced number of transfers, point-to-point service to and from Metro’s fixed route system, and point-to-point service within pre-defined service zones. The Microtransit service will be fully accessible and meet ADA requirements.


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