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The Civic Projects Foundation is a 501 c)3 public benefit corporation established in November 2010. It is distinct from Civic Projects Inc., which is a consulting firm founded in April 2013. The Civic Projects Foundation initiates and develops its own public benefit projects such as The Car in 2035: Mobility Planning for the Near Future. Our board members are Terry Hayes (president), Michael Wacht, Colleen Corcoran, Kati Rubinyi and Michael Powell. Our advisory board is Eric Noble, Carlab; Marco Anderson, SCAG; Valerie Watson, LADOT.

We initiate, develop and produce creative planning and design projects for the public benefit through new models for collaboration that cut across professional silos, resulting in fresh responses to issues facing our region.

We aspire to, first, positively impact the health, economy, environment, access to mobility and aesthetics of Southern California cities and suburbs. Secondly, we aspire to influence the practices of urban planning and design by establishing new processes and collaborative relationships.

Who We Are
We are a group of urban planners, transportation planners, architects, designers, policy-makers, and auto-industry analysts who care about making a positive contribution to the future of Southern California.

The Civic Projects Foundation initiates projects, creates interdisciplinary teams and fosters new working methods in planning and design. Projects include publications, pilot projects, and development initiatives for the public benfit. We provide forums for the dissemination and exchange of ideas, including design competitions, and seminars. Projects are used to provide guidance to local and regional governments and the private sector and made available to planners, design professionals and the general public.